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NPR wins two National Press Club awards

The National Press Club announced today that NPR has won two awards: for its coverage of the early days of the war sparked by Hamas’ attack last October on Israel, and for investigative reporting on the harvesting of blood from horseshoe crabs for pharmaceutical use.

The Middle East team, led by veteran foreign correspondent Daniel Estrin, was awarded the Breaking News Award (Broadcast) for its coverage of the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas war.

The awards committee cited NPR's “nuanced reporting” of the first 10 days of the war by the team of reporters and producers on the ground in Israel and Gaza, including Anas Baba, Aya Batrawy, Samantha Balaban, Natan Odenheimer, Abu Bakr Bashir and the entire efforts of the NPR International team led by Didrik Schanche.

The NPR Investigations Team's Chiara Eisner won the Ann Cottrell Free Animal Reporting Award for print and online reporting for her story about the secrecy and lack of regulation in the biomedical horseshoe crab bleeding industry. The investigative reporting helped prompt regulatory changes and restrictions to the horseshoe crab harvest across the East Coast.

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