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Senior Team Leadership

Shawn Freude, Executive Producer

Job description: As an executive producer, Shawn supports the ideation, development and creation of content for broadcast and digital distribution. To do this, Shawn works collaboratively within VPM and with outside contractors. She helps develop and operate multiple program budgets, execute contracts, collaborate with Senior Team members and VPM leadership and helps develop and support VPM policies. Shawn regularly works with separate teams on series and special projects programming including, VPM News Focal Point, Virginia Home Grown, Charlottesville Inside-Out, Racism: Challenging Perceptions, VPM Presents The Richmond Forum and more

Previous experience: Senior Producer/Director

“Public media has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I grew up listening to public radio and watching public television, more specifically PBS and NPR member stations and continue to do so today. The arts and culture, news and educational programming found on public media continues to feed my mind and my soul with information, entertainment and community news. Public media makes me laugh and smile, think deeply about social and political issues, and connect with topics important to my local community and to the world at large.”