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Making Menuhin

  • A musician, dancer and writer, 14-year-old Shannon Ma uses her violin and her pen to defy stereotypes about Asian musicians and recognize them for their passions and abilities.
  • After winning the Menuhin Competition Oslo 2010, Kerson Leong experienced a turning point. He was just 13, but the Ottawa native was about to embark on a journey that would take him to cities across the globe and position him as “Canada’s next great violinist.”
  • Growing up in South Dakota, Maya Anjali Buchanan loved the open space and mountains, and doing her share on the family farm. But learning violin in a rural area is challenging. In this debut episode of Making Menuhin, we trace Buchanan’s roots in Rapid City and her path to becoming a senior competitor in the Menuhin Competition.
  • In this episode of Making Menuhin, we bring you the story and music of 14 year-old Keila Wakao who uses her 100-year-old violin to replicate the human voice and bring comfort and healing during times of crisis.
  • Talented young violinists from around the world share how they got started, the teachers who inspired them, and the sacrifices they've made to get to the prestigious Menuhin Competition.