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Creating a Terrarium for Orchids

Orchid Terrariums

Bring the beauty of orchids inside by using terrariums! They are a fun, easy way to incorporate nature into your home. While orchids have become “more windowsill friendly,” they do grow in 100% humidity with a lush moisture that is found in the tropics, not in the average home. Terrariums provide the needed moisture and recreate the colorful flower’s environment, helping the plant thrive.  

We have your go-to guide for creating a terrarium that’s perfect for orchids!  

1) Choose a Container

Big or small, short or tall, the size does not matter! Try to choose a clear container - everyone wants to see your beautiful flowers inside! To help prevent rotting, keep the top of the container open for fresh air and to allow some humidity to escape. Plus, it allows parts of the flower to come out, creating an eye catching look.

2) Add Thick Rocks

Cover the bottom of your container with thick rocks.

3) Slide Orchid Inside

Here comes the tricky part! Carefully, tilt your container to the side and slide your orchid into the opening. Once you have the plant or plants securely on the bottom, lift the container back up.

4) Add Small Rocks or Pebbles

Add a layer of small rocks or pebbles. Use a stick or another thin tool to spread the rocks around the container evenly. The layer should be about an inch, but there is no specific amount.

5) Add Sphagnum Moss

Sphagnum moss, also known as peat moss, is a great material for orchids that holds water well! Spread it around until you have a nice layer. You can use the same stick or thin tool to tap it down.

6) Add Moss

Now it’s time for the final layer, moss! Moss is easy to find as it can come from your own backyard. Go around the container, adding moss until you have a solid layer.

Quick tip: To water your orchid in a terrarium, use a spray bottle and tilt the container on its side before you water. The water will stay in the container for weeks.