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The "Roommate Game", The Concept of WAR, Infielder Gio Brusa

Flying Squirrels Insider

In this episode of Flying Squirrels Insider, Jake mediates the "Roommate Game" with Squirrels roommates Caleb Baragar and Garrett Williams (somewhat like the Newlywed Game) to see how ell they know each other.

Squirrels Science breaks down the concept of WAR or the "Wins above replacement" statistic. Jake sits down with Squirrels infielder Gio Brusa to discuss his first year with the Squirrels. Gio shows off his unusual workout routines that make him the squirrels leading home run hitter.

Trey and Jake take a ride on the Skyliner roller coaster at Altoona's baseball stadium.

Episode #810

Flying Squirrels Insider is a thirty-minute bi-weekly show which features behind-the-scenes coverage of the Flying Squirrels organization and covers story-lines both on the field and off. Flying Squirrels Insider is sponsored in part by the Richmond Department of Public Utilities and Secure Testing Services, LLC. Flying Squirrels Insider airs on VPM PBS and VPM Plus through September 5th.

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