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Dogtown Dance Theatre | Mentor/Apprentice Program | Power of Public Art

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Visit Dogtown Dance Theatre, a collaborative dance studio in Richmond that provides smaller dance companies the infrastructure and support needed to hold classes for a diverse population.

Learn about the Live Arts Mentor/Apprentice Program, which provides a unique, hands-on opportunity for teens to learn the crafts of direction, stage management, and theater design while working on a main-stage production alongside experienced designers and staff to create the look, sound, and feel of their productions.

Learn about the power of creating public art through the stories of two prolific artists who create them -- Matt Lively and Hamilton Glass.

About The Art Scene
Experience the unique personalities and organizations that comprise Virginia’s art scene. In its premiere season, The Art Scene offers an inside look at some of the region’s most interesting theatres, galleries, studios, concert halls, and arts education groups.

The Art Scene is a co-production of VPM and 19RED, the broadcast production division of Fuel, a Richmond-based film/video production company owned and operated by The Art Scene producers Pam and Todd Hervey.

The program is hosted by actor Haliya Roberts with segment hosts Bianca Bryan, Douglas “Roscoe B” Powell, and Noah Scalin.


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