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Frank Walker | Hugs & Kisses | Teaching Culture Through Dance

Latin Ballet

Frank Walker: Military History Through His Eyes
Frank Walker is a nationally known African American fine artist who lives in Charlottesville, VA. His distinct creations are representative of the struggle of African Americans in America. His own personal experience as an Army Veteran during the Vietnam war spurred him to teach others the truth about the African American military experience through his art.

Virginia Repertory Theatre's "Hugs & Kisses"
As the longest running musical play in Virginia Repertory Theatre's history, "Hugs & Kisses" has been seen by over 1.2. million elementary age students in Virginia over the last 36 years. Learn how the play teaches valuable life lessons that have changed the lives of the children that see it.

The Latin Ballet of Virginia: Teaching Culture Through Dance
As Central Virginia's premier hispanic dance company, the Latin Ballet celebrates the Latin American culture in performances throughout Virginia. Founder Ana Ines King and company dancers talk about the performances and its impact on Central Virginia audiences.

About The Art Scene
Experience the unique personalities and organizations that comprise Virginia’s art scene. In its premiere season, The Art Scene offers an inside look at some of the region’s most interesting theatres, galleries, studios, concert halls, and arts education groups.

The Art Scene is a co-production of VPM and 19RED, the broadcast production division of Fuel, a Richmond-based film/video production company owned and operated by The Art Scene producers Pam and Todd Hervey.

The program is hosted by actor Haliya Roberts with segment hosts Bianca Bryan, Douglas “Roscoe B” Powell, and Noah Scalin.


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