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Artisan Studio Tour | Scott Wichmann | InLight Richmond

forging on an anvil

Scott Wichmann: Mr. Showtime
For those who love local theater, he's a very familiar face. An actor on the Richmond stage and screen for the last 20 years, Scott Wichmann (Mr. Showtime) shines in both comedic and dramatic roles. He talks about growing up as the ham of his family and how theater was the one place where he felt he belonged.

Artisan Studio Tour
Celebrating 25 years, The Artisans Studio Tour is on November 9-11, 2019 in the Charlottesville area. We find out more about its history and their plans for this year's event. Along with profiling unique artists to the tour,  we stop in on Richmond-based copper artist Cathy Vaughn and the Richmond-based husband and wife team of Phoenix Handcraft. We also take a drive to Tye River Pottery to visit with Master Potter Kevin Crowe and see his 10,000 pot wood-fired kiln up close.

InLight Richmond: The Making Of...
InLight Richmond is a free public exhibition of light-based art and performance managed by 1708 Gallery in Richmond. In 2019, the event will take place in Chimborazo Park in Church Hill and artists are being asked to submit projects that reflect the varied history of that location. The Art Scene follows along with 1708's staff in the coordination process (choosing of artists, coordinating event, following the artists process of creating their piece, etc.) in anticipation for the annual event and talk with two artists that are contributing their work this year.

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