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Watch: Stoner Winslett | Youth Choir | Military Kid Art Project

Richmond Ballet

Richmond Ballet: 40 Years with Stoner Winslett
Fewer than 1/3 of ballet artistic directors in the nation are women, and Stoner Winslett of Richmond Ballet is one of them. Since she was 21 years old, Winslett's influence over the ballet's performances and operations is significant. We sit down with Winslett as she talks about her life and legacy in Richmond.

City Singers Youth Choir
At the City Singers Youth Choir (K-12), children sing different styles of music from around the world, build their confidence for performing on stage and learn acceptance of others through their interaction with each other.

Artist Lora Beldon & Military Kid Art Project
Growing up as a military brat, artist Lora Beldon moved around the country often as an adolescent. Expressing herself through art was the only way some emotions could be expressed. We tag along with Beldon to an artistic workshop she teaches at the Appomattox Governor's School in Petersburg, where her art students learn that it's not easy to be a child in a military family.