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Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Many of the world’s best-known landmarks have been inspired by faith and today more worshippers than ever are flocking to these sacred places. For some people they’re sanctuaries for quiet contemplation. For others, they’re sites for astonishing acts of worship, dangerous challenges and extraordinary deeds of devotion, rarely seen by outsiders.

Journey to the world’s landmark spiritual sites, captured in full glory with awe-inspiring visuals. Using the latest camera and drone technology, the program reveals the amazing scale, ingenuity and faith embodied in these remarkable places of worship.

Episode 1: House of the Divine
At Angkor Wat in Cambodia, a man who believes the temples are home to his ancestral spirits, risks his life to save them from the jungle. At Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem, a young Muslim paramedic battles his own hunger and exhaustion to help other fasting worshippers during Ramadan. And at the Shaolin Temple in China, a Buddhist warrior monk, faces a test that will change the course of his life forever.

Stream episodes 2 and 3 here.


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