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The Day Family's Storied History Told Through Legacy List Items

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Image: VPM

Julie Day and her daughter Cindy have a huge task in front of them… downsize and pack up their New Jersey home while trying not to trample on their rich family history in the process. That’s where the Legacy List team comes in. Matt and the team will sort through centuries of family treasures and antiques to find that handful of items worthy of passing on to the next generation. They’ll uncover Asian triptychs brought home from exotic trips abroad, handwritten letters from nearly four centuries ago, and 100-year-old home movies showing the smiling faces of past residents of Llewellyn Park.

More about this episode:
Not your typical suburb, Llewellyn Park was created in the 1850s as a getaway for some of the prominent families of Manhattan. If you lived there, you’d have neighbors like the Colgate and Merck families and Thomas Edison right down the street. It was a place to rub elbows with some of the titans of the time. The Day family was right in the middle of it.

Making their mark as publishers of the popular 19th century magazine, Scientific American, and a family tree reaching back to the 17th century, Julie’s ancestors didn’t just witness history, they are part of it. But now they have to make some choices.… what stays and what’s history.

Matt will call on experts to do a deeper dive on the furniture, artwork, books and historic documents to tell the whole story of their family. In the end, Julie and Cindy will have to say goodbye to the house.. but they’ll leave with an amazing story to tell.