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Ancient Dance of Bharatha Natyam | "Spectrum" Youth Theater Program | The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative

The Lotus Life: Padma Rasiah Cantu
Richmond-based Padma Cantu, and her family, are globally recognized as masters in Bharatha Natyam, an ancient classical dance form from India that is acknowledged as one of the world’s oldest art forms. For many years, her family travelled to Yogaville, Virginia to teach summer camps for first/second generation Indian children who wanted to connect their Indian culture through dance. She continues this work regularly throughout the community.

A True Spectrum: Richmond's Queer Youth Theater Program
A collaboration between Richmond Triangle Players, TheatreLAB and SPARC, "Spectrum" is a theatre arts education program for queer youth and the only one of its kind in Virginia. Using SPARC's C.A.R.E. curriculum, students collaboratively create and perform their own play from start to finish.

Coming "Face to Face" at The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative
The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative in Charlottesville brings artists and community members with different life experiences together to facilitate ongoing discussion and fellowship, culminating with portraits representative of their joined experience.

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