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Jazz Artist Desiree Roots | Speaking Their Truth | Glass Artist Kiara Pellisier

DivaRoots: The style and music of Desiree Roots
Desiree Roots can sing, act and dance and she's been performing for over 35 years in the Richmond region. In the summer of 2020, Desiree takes on the role of "Mama" Morton in Virginia Repertory Theatre's staging of "Chicago."

Speaking Their Truth: Spoken Word Performances with Roscoe Burnems at Art 180
Segment Host Roscoe Burnems is a National Poetry Out Loud champion. Art 180 is Richmond based non profit that believes youth ages 8-18 need the space and support to find the artist in themselves. Roscoe's weekly class at Art 180's Atlas guides interested teens to express themselves through poetry and performance.

Kiara Pellisier: Crumpling Hot Glass
A fourth generation artist, Kiara Pellisier is a Richmond based glass artist who creates one-of-a kind glass pieces and installations throughout the Central VA region. We go inside the shop with her to see how she makes her stunning creations.


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