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Violins for Kids | Sterling Hundley Solves Problems Through Art | Replica of Shakespeare's Blackfriars Theatre

Violin Music Program for Kids at St. Andrew’s School
St. Andrew’s School in the Oregon Hill community of Richmond provides a free private school education for families with financial hardships. With a mission of educating the whole child, St. Andrew's music program is unique in elementary education because every child from K-5 learns the violin.

Artist Sterling Hundley Solves Problems Through Art
Sterling Hundley is a painter, draftsman, illustrator and educator based in Richmond, Virginia. As a professor of Communication Arts at VCU, and as the artist in residence at the VCU School of Medicine, Sterling has made a career of teaching others how to solve problems through art.

The Blackfriars Theater in Staunton, Virginia
The American Shakespeare Center in Staunton is the only replication in the world of the Shakespeare's BlackFriars playhouse. Dr. Ralph Cohen, founder, talks with Haliya about the theatre's mission and the history behind the architecture.

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