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Meet Richmond Symphony's New Musical Director Valentina Peleggi

A Classical Change: The Richmond Symphony's New Musical Director
Valentina Peleggi is the first female Music Director is Richmond Symphony history. She talks about why she loves conducting and what she loves most about her new position with the Richmond Symphony.

Ezibu Muntu: Understanding Cultural Power Through Dance
Richmond's premier African Dance studio, Ezibu Muntu started as a student group at VCU back in 1973. Since then the group has provided "dance, education and culture" all over the Richmond metropolitan area, with thousands of performances in schools, colleges and civic settings.

Endeavor Studios: Live, Work, Play... Art
Ian Hess, Wing Chow and Eli McMullen graduated from VCU with hopes of sharing their art with the world. But they had difficulty showing their art in traditional galleries so they created their own. And with a new space and a new vision for the future of local artists like them, they are gaining momentum.


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