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Insects in the Garden: From Beneficial Bugs to Pests

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Visit a home garden dedicated to supporting pollinators, then travel to Bellair Farm CSA to meet Dr. Tom Kuhar from the Virginia Tech Department of Entomology and learn how to manage vegetable pests safely. Allison Hurst and Jen Naylor share gardening tips you can use.


Pollinator Landscape
Host Peggy Singlemann talks with Chris Burnside and Karl Green to learn how their approach to supporting pollinators evolved from raising Monarch butterflies on their screen porch to transforming their yard into a pollinator paradise.

Garden Pests
Co-Host Keith Nevison checks in with Dr. Tom Kuhar, an entomology professor at Virginia Tech, to talk about controlling pest insects in the vegetable garden using organic methods.

Beneficial Insects
Marina Williams stops by the Virginia Home Grown set to show Peggy some examples of beneficial insects and explains how to encourage and support these tiny garden helpers.

Pest Insects
Dr. Tom Kuhar explains how to identify different kinds of pest damage in the garden and talk about safe control methods based in the practice of Integrated Pest Management.

Trap Plants
Allison Hurst explains how creating a fuller ecosystem in your garden can benefit you, your plants, and the insects living there.

Korean Cucumber
Jen Naylor explains why the Koren Cucumber is so easy to grow and explains how to make a simple trellis system to make the harvest even easier.

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