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Celebrate trees and the many benefits they provide

red oak acorns
Discover the many benefits trees provide.

Celebrate trees and the many benefits they provide! Learn about the importance of urban trees for improving health with Southside ReLeaf. Then visit The American Chestnut Foundation to see how they are working to grow blight-resistant trees. Robyn Puffenbarger and Jen Naylor share gardening tips you can use. Engage with us or watch full episodes at or VHG 2108 October 2021.

Southside ReLeaf
Host Peggy Singlemann talks to Amy Wentz and Sheri Shannon of Southside ReLeaf to learn how the grassroots organization brings volunteers together with other community groups to plant trees and combat the urban heat islands in Southside Richmond.

The American Chestnut Foundation
Co-Host Keith Nevison visits Tom Saielli of the American Chestnut Foundation at Fortune’s Cove Orchard in Nelson County to learn about a breeding program to overcome chestnut blight and return chestnut trees to Virginia forests.

Tree Roots
Scott Turner from Truetimber Arborists visits Virginia Home Grown to show what the root system looks like inside the burlap bag of a tree purchased from a nursery and share tips for proper planting.

Chestnut Tree Hybrids
Tom Saielli from the American Chestnut Foundation visits the VHG set to show different chestnut tree seedlings and explain how specific traits can be hybridized.

Planting Oak Trees
Dr. Robyn Puffenbarger demonstrates how to plant oak trees from acorns or seedlings and explains why planting this way can result in healthier trees than those purchased at a nursery.

The Korean Pear
Jen Naylor shares why she loves the Korean Pear tree and recommends growing fruit trees in any landscape.