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Brother Sister Duo Perform EP "My Sistar & Me" on Brewer's Sessions

Live capture of J Bizz and Lela Bizz performing behind the counter of Brewer's Cafe .
J Bizz and Lela Bizz bringing a dynamic, high-energy performance to Brewer's Sessions. | Photo: Victoria York / VPM

Brother and sister duo, J Bizz and Lela Bizz, have linked up and delivered a masterpiece entitled, “ My Sistar & Me”. The two solo artists, J Bizz & Lela Bizz, have been releasing music separately and in unison for years. This is their first joint project. The EP is accompanied by a (5) episode podcast also tilted “ My Sistar & Me''. Both EP and podcast cover everything from family, relationships, racism, and social media conundrums. The pair also sheds light on various relatable topics. “It was shocking to see how alike my sister and I are as creatives,” J Bizz states. “The power of laughter and family is a great combination,” Lela added. 

Recently, they released “ Socials”, the first music video for the project and also the title of the first episode in the accompanying podcast. Ironically filmed inside of a selfie lounge in Richmond, both the song and podcast episode feature topics about posting for likes, sliding in DMs, and more about our generation’s perspective on social media culture.

Set List: 0:25 Got Love | 4:03 Trust | 9:37 Worthy | 12:45 Brother, Brother | 16:11 Socials

Artist: J Bizz, Lela Bizz
House Band: Kevin "Rev" Burtram (Keys), Benjamin Powell (Guitar), Jorge Andino Sanchez (Bass), Paul Robinson (Drums)
Executive Producer: Ajay Brewer / Brewer's Cafe, VPM
Director of Photography: Antonio Knoxx
Audio Engineer: Cavin Vanderpoel
Digital Producer: Victoria York / VPM

Victoria York is a Digital Producer for VPM. 
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