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Learn about the signs of spring and how to prepare for a new growing season

Behind the scenes at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden with Laurel Matthew and Peggy Singlemann.

Learn about signs of spring and preparations for the growing season. Visit a garden pro to talk about plant care and pruning. Plus, explore the science of phenology, to plan your garden and ensure it grows in harmony with the rhythms of the season.

Peggy Singlemann visits with Laurel Matthew at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden to learn about their many programs observing seasonal changes in nature including in bluebirds and native bees. Laurel explains how recording and sharing this phenological data led to the garden revitalizing the natural area around the Glen stream, and why paying attention to trends in seasonal changes can benefit gardeners when making decisions on when to plant, fertilize, and prune.

Keith Nevison goes Into the Garden with Leslie Harris, a horticulturalist and podcaster, to talk about spring plant care and pruning strategies for boxwoods and hydrangeas. Leslie explains the value of delaying winter clean up so that beneficial insects living in leaf litter and old stalks can survive until temperatures warm up.

In the studio, Laurel Matthew shows off examples of bud break and leaf formation in popular flowering trees as well as native oaks. Then, Jason Anderson, Master Arborist and co-owner of Waters Edge Specialty Pruning & Plant Health Care, explains the importance of using the proper pruning tools and the need for safety in the garden.

 Serome Hamlin shares tips on caring for dwarf conifers and recommends varieties to grow in the ground or in containers. Amyrose Foll talks about early spring vegetable gardens and offers advice on crops to plant while frost is still possible.