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Create a landscape that is both functional and beautiful

garden design scale drawing
Garden design on a scale drawing. (Image:VPM)

Create a landscape that is both functional and beautiful as you learn how to achieve the goals for your outdoor space! From the sketchpad to plant selection take a closer look at the art and science of landscape architecture. Meet design professionals, explore their approaches for a variety of growing conditions, and learn why success in the garden begins with planning.


Peggy Singlemann talks to Landscape Designer, Arnaldo D. Cardona in his home garden to learn about his approach to creating comfortable outdoor spaces by using concepts like circulation, enclosure, and expansion.

Keith Nevison tours a shady garden in Bridgewater with Landscape Architect, Preston Montague to talk about what to look for when evaluating a site, plant selections, and the importance of building a good base for your garden by improving soil and drainage.

In the studio Preston and Arnaldo both explain the importance of having a plan when designing outdoor spaces and demonstrate different approaches to getting that plan on paper.

Randy Battle demonstrates his method for using a trellis to connect two raised beds and make shady planting areas for cool-weather crops. (Image VPM)

Randy Battle shares design tips for vegetable beds to maximize production and explains how growing vining crops on a trellis can create shady space below so that cool-weather veggies can grow into the summer.  Dr. Robyn Puffenbarger offers native plant choices that can grow well on a slope and explains that planting on uneven ground is easier than you think as long as you pay attention to run off.

Coral bells (Heuchera americana 'Paris') is a native flower that grows well in many places including a slope. (Image: VPM)


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