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Steven Boone Performs 'SoulLow' on Brewer's Sessions

Steven Boone
Josh McCormick (drums) gives Steven Boone a shoulder squeeze for luck as he warms up for season four of Brewer's Sessions. Photo: Victoria York / VPM

Steven Boone has been playing live music for two decades. He started piano lessons at seven, then later learned to play guitar as a teen. During high school, he was first chair guitarist in the Jazz band. After graduating from VCU, Steven continued to teach and perform music. He is originally from Ashland, Kentucky, and has established himself as an accomplished musician in Richmond, Virginia. For his Brewer’s Session, Steven performs three songs from his album SoulLow. Accompanying Steven for Brewer’s Sessions is Josh McCormick on Drums, Frank Perkins on Bass, and from Season 2 of Brewer’s Sessions, Justin Brown on Keys.

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Set List: 0:07 The Memory | 5:00 Innocent Crime | 12:00 Good As Gold

Artist: Steven Boone
Band: Justin Brown (Keys), Frank Perkins (Bass), Josh McCormick (Drums)
Executive Producer: Ajay Brewer / Brewer's Cafe, VPM
Director of Photography: Antonio Knoxx
Audio Engineer: Cavin Vanderpoel
Digital Producer: Victoria York / VPM 

Victoria York is a Digital Producer for VPM.