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Batesville community concert raises $15,000 to support Ukraine relief efforts

Batesville community concert
(Image: VPM)

Everyone thought it would be one small way to help out when they signed up to participate in the Batesville Benefit Concert for Ukraine. Over 30 musicians volunteered to perform. Community members lined up to assist in parking cars, selling tickets, and providing sound. Signs and small Ukrainian flags were ordered, and a T-shirt was designed. Even a field and flatbed trailer were generously donated to support the cause. And, miraculously, it all fell into place in under four weeks.

No one, however, thought the event would be such a tremendous success.

An estimated 250-300 Batesville neighbors and friends came together for the musical gathering and, after expenses, raised $15,000 to help the people of Ukraine.


This, of course, is just one of many inspirational stories we’re hearing these days about folks supporting one another across the globe. I’m telling it because I believe uplifting news like this should be shared. And because Batesville is my home. We may be but a small village nestled in western Albemarle County, but we’re mighty when it comes to community spirit. Guess it just goes to show you should never underestimate what you can accomplish when you come together to help others in need.

And on that note, I’d like to thank my neighbors and friends for providing the concert photos and footage in order to share this positive story!

Terri Allard
Charlottesville Inside-Out Host/Producer