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Young author gives his best advice

Joshua Clemons, an eight year old boy wearing a blue jacket stands in grass sprinkled with leaves, is holding the book he authored. The book's light blue cover features a illustration of an African American man.
Screen capture
VPM News Focal Point
Author Joshua Clemons is asking others to remember the importance of those who were enslaved in America.

Joshua Clemons is an 8 year-old who spends his free time speaking at schools and large gatherings. He describes writing a book as a gift for his mother and then further refining the story with the help of his grandmother. Joshua’s book is a contribution to the public discussion of the importance of the lives of enslaved Americans. He spoke with those gathered in October for the Quarter Place Tribute to formerly enslaved people at Patrick Henry’s Red Hill in Campbell County. And then, Joshua spoke with VPM.

Reporter / Producer / Editorial: Angie Miles
Photographer / Editor: Zach Keifer, Octillion Productions
Additional Media: Joshua Clemons


Angie Miles, Host/Producer, anchors and hosts VPM News Focal Point and special broadcasts.
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