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Surf and Turf with Sambuca Maître D' Butter

cooking ingredients: steak, shrimp, spices

Prepare the butter:

  • 1 stick butter

  • 1 chopped shallot

  • 2 -3 T. sambuca

  • 1 T. fresh parsley, minced

  • Salt to taste

In a small fry pan, saute the shallot in 2 T. butter until the shallot is soft. Add the sambuca and just heat through.  In a blender place the remaining 6 T. butter. Strain the solids from the sambuca/butter mixture and place the remaining liquid in the blender.  Add the parsley and process until smooth. Taste for salt and add as needed.  Chill the butter if needed so the mixture holds up to the heat of the steak and shrimp. Makes enough butter for six steaks.


For each serving of Surf and Turf you will need:

  • 1 – 8 ounce filet mignon

  • 3 large shrimp

  • Salt and pepper to taste

Prepare a grill or a grill pan if using the cooktop.  Heat until very hot and add the seasoned steak and shrimp. Cook on each side until desired doneness for the steak and until the shrimp are just done but not overcooked. Place the steak on the plate and top with three shrimp. Place a scoop of the chilled butter mixture on top of each Surf and Turf and serve.


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