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2018 Raffle Winner Describes the Trip of a Lifetime


“I am a self-described Masterpiece nerd and have been even before Downton Abbey debuted.” says Lisa Guthrie, 2018 Masterpiece and More Tour Raffle winner. “When the Masterpiece and More tour raffle was announced last year, I immediately bought a ticket.” The Masterpiece and More Tour Raffle promises one lucky winner a trip for two with round trip airfare to London, first class accommodations, and exhilarating exploration of London, Oxford, Cornwall and other iconic sites seen on PBS.

Lisa remembers the moment she received word that she had won the Masterpiece and More tour raffle. “I was at work when I got an email from WCVE's Sharon Johnson telling me that I had won. Of course, I had to call her to confirm it was not a hoax!” Once Lisa was assured that she had, in fact, won a dream vacation for two, the next thing she had to do was call her friend. “Cindy and I have been good friends since first grade - many, many moons ago!  We watch every episode [of Masterpiece programing] and share running commentary and favorite highlights each week. It was my hope that Cathy and I could go together to England if mine was the winning ticket. I knew that this was truly a trip of a lifetime and that it could not be missed.”


With the winning Masterpiece and More Tour tickets in hand and a good friend by her side, Lisa set off for London. “We love history, art, and the royals and it was all served up in the eleven days we visited. It is an experience we will never forget!” Enjoy these top three unforgettable moments from Lisa’s Masterpiece and More tour.


See Where Your Favorite Masterpiece Shows Were Filmed

“My favorite historic property was Chavenage House, the Trenwith estate featured in Poldark,” recalls Lisa. “This Elizabethan manor house tour and luncheon was hosted by the owners themselves with much humor and hospitality.  We were amazed that Oliver Cromwell slept there in a room that still boasts the hand-woven tapestries illustrating the wonder of the New World.”

Experience Breathtaking Landscapes

Soak in Local Culture

“My favorite region to visit was Cornwall. The people are as warm and welcoming as the landscape is harsh,” said Lisa. “Some of the towns are on spits of land poised between the Channel and the North Atlantic and almost seem like cruise ships. The waves crashing on the rocky cliffs are dramatic and breathtakingly beautiful. I kept expecting to see Demelza and Ross riding their horses on the Cornwall cliffs.”

“The planning and execution were flawless,” said Lisa. “Even down to the coach guides who added so much local color to the trip. Sterling Silver Tours truly brings the story to life with the PBS shows and the history. We will never forget our wonderful Queen's Tour!  Every time we see London or Windsor on the screen, we'll fondly remember when we walked the streets there.”

Ready to experience the Masterpiece and More Tour for yourself? Click the link to enter before March 31st.






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