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Brewer's Sessions: Lobo Marino

Lobo Marino
Photo: SnyderVision2020/Jessica Snyder

Named after the enormous Pacific Sea Lion, Lobo Marino's brand of experimental folk draws from a rich palette of international and folk influences. Built primarily on harmonium, bass drum, banjo and various unique instruments and voices, Lobo Marino says the band's music is constantly evolving as its members, Laney Sullivan and Jameson Price, continue their travels and spiritual journey

Set List: “Awake” ( 00:32) “Holy River” ( 6:08) “Company” ( 12:55)

Special Thanks:
Executive Producer: Ajay Brewer
Director of Photography: Antonio Knoxx
Audio Engineer: Cavin Vanderpoel
On-Set Photography: Jessica Snyder / SnyderVision2020
Digital Producer: Gabrielle Jones / VPM

Board of Advisors:
Sarah Hartless
Alex Gwynn
Sam Reed
Micah White
Zach Archibald

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