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Brewer's Sessions: Nickelus F & OHBLIV

Nickelus F and OHBLIV
Photo: Jessica Snyder / SnyderVision2020

Warning: This performance contains explicit language.

Set List: "Maintainin’: ( 00:33) "The Anointed" ( 2:26) "Pasta Salad" ( 5:28) "9,999 Concussions" ( 10:24) "Override"  ( 14:48) "Choked by a Kid" ( 17:41) "Fire Emojis" ( 20:50) "Stand Corrected" ( 23:51) "Might As Well" ( 26:56) "The End Pieces" ( 30:34) "Mass Book Burning" ( 32:59)

Self proclaimed "true student" of hip-hop Nickelus F and producer OHBLIV perform at Brewer's Cafe. This exclusive recording was the first time these songs were shared with the world.

Special Thanks:
Executive Producer: Ajay Brewer / Brewer's Cafe
Director of Photography: Antonio Knoxx
Audio Engineer: Cavin Vanderpoel
On-Set Photography: Jessica Snyder / SnyderVision2020
Digital Producer: Gabrielle Jones / VPM

Board of Advisors:
Sarah Hartless
Alex Gwynn
Sam Reed
Micah White
Zach Archibald

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