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Pick of the Week: "Bionic Me" at the Science Museum of Virginia

Bionic Me at the Science Museum of Virginia

The Science Museum of Virginia is featuring an exhibit focused on technology that helps people overcome physical limitations and enhance their lives.

Bionic Me is a mix of hands-on and full body experiences that illustrate how technology can draw upon nature to increase the potential of the human body. From common-place pieces to wearable devices that perform the functions of internal organs, the exhibit showcases bionics in action.

Featuring nearly two dozen interactive stations, the touring exhibition explores topics like prosthetics, 3D-printed bones, spray-on skin and bionic eyes to show how technology can increase the potential of the human body. It also shows how nature is a great source of inspiration by highlighting how animals use camouflage, exoskeletons, night vision and flight.

The exhibition was designed for children five to 12, but has something to entertain and inform guests of all ages as they can not only see, but also use, a wide variety of technology to better understand how it impacts and complements human bodies.

Bionic Me is included with museum admission and is on display through January 5th.

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