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Debbie Mickle

  • Students in Amherst County, Hopewell City, and Surry County Public Schools worked with the James River Association to produce public service announcements (PSAs) to stress the importance of caring for the James River.
  • Henrico County Public School 6th graders learn filmmaking skills and share what they learned about their watershed as part of a NOAA B-WET grant which included many community partners.
  • Each year in February millions of people count the variety of birds that can be seen and heard in their own backyard. You are invited to participate in the bird count that takes place February 18-21, 2022.The Great Backyard Bird Count allows people from all over the world to come together and share their love of birds while celebrating and learning about migration patterns. These observations help scientists better understand global bird populations before one of their annual migrations.
  • Students in James Madison University’s Valley Scholars program built “solar suitcases,” to provide electricity to students in a refugee camp in Kenya.
  • July is a great time to learn more about sharks and how humans impact their ocean habitat. Meet the "Recycling Sharks", Rebecca and Reef and their dolphin friend Reggie, three besties navigating the challenges faced by marine life. This comic series explores ways humans affect ocean ecosystems and what we can do to better protect our sea creature friends.
  • The "Recycling Sharks" experience how litter travels through our waterways, endangering animals and polluting habitats. In this comic adventure Reggie, Rebecca and Reef learn the importance of proper waste disposal and identify the difference between trash and recycling to promote waste reduction.
  • Join the "Recycling Sharks" as they learn that some materials such as single-use plastics are not recyclable. By choosing more environmentally-friendly options we can take measures to reduce our waste. Learn more about sustainable choices by practicing waste reduction and adopting new habits.
  • Join the "Recycling Sharks" Reggie and Rebecca and their dolphin friend Reef to learn about another option for reducing our waste - finding a reusable solution. Discover items you can bring with you on-the-go like bottles, straws and bags, to limit additional waste and set an eco-friendly example for others.
  • Join the "Recycling Sharks" as they get involved in community cleanups and create a local conversation about solutions to pollution.
  • Join the "Recycling Sharks" as they teach us how overfishing causes significant decline in marine populations. Learn how as seafood consumers we can choose more sustainably sourced options and promote the well being of sea creatures and their environment.