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Plan To Rescan Your TV

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Changes are coming for viewers who watch VPM over-the-air using an antenna.

After the Federal Communications Commission spectrum auction, which reallocated TV broadcast airwaves for wireless services use, nearly 1,000 television stations across the country were required to move to new frequencies, including VPM.

Beginning in January, your local VPM channels will move to new frequencies. As a result of the move, viewers who watch VPM over-the-air with an antenna will need to “rescan” their television set or converter box to continue receiving VPM programming. No new equipment or services will be needed to complete the rescan.

After you rescan your television, you will still be able to view VPM programs on the same channels you already know.

If you are a cable or satellite subscriber you do not need to take action. Your service provider will do it for you.

Rescan Day

Rescan Day will take place on different dates for viewers in our region. Other local stations may also be moving at the same time as VPM. It’s important to watch your local station for the specific date of your Rescan Day, as some Rescan Days could change.

Rescan Day Timeframe:
Shenandoah Valley Area:
June 30, 2020 (Completed)
Other local stations moving: None

Charlottesville Area: March 6, 2020 (Completed)
Other local stations moving: None

Richmond Area: March 13, 2020 (Completed)
Other local stations moving: CBS 6, ABC 8, NBC 12

Need further help?
Visit to learn more, such as how to rescan your televisions, when other local stations are moving frequencies and alerts for Rescan Day.

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