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Pat Bids Farewell as Co-Host of Virginia Home Grown

Co-Hosts Pat and Peggy on the set of Virginia Home Grown
Pat McCafferty and Peggy Singlemann began co-hosting the show together in 2018.



Dear Virginia Home Grown friends,

Over the last two years we’ve gone on many amazing journeys together, getting to know the inspiring green movers and shakers in central Virginia. I’ve been so lucky to interview such colorful, brilliant, and generous guests, from farmers who grow without fossil fuels, indigenous American community members sharing ancestral knowledge, foragers who could make a meal from your backyard, and ecological stewards ensuring we are not only providing for our own thrival, but also that of all the other myriad creatures we appreciate and depend on. 

Virginia, with its fertile valleys, wild mountains, and four seasons, is truly a plant lovers’ paradise!

I am writing to announce that this season, I will be passing the baton of my position as I continue to pursue other projects spreading the joy and magic of plants and gardening. I am thrilled that the recipient of this baton is Keith Nevison, Manager of Farm and Nursery Operations at the Thomas Jefferson Foundation. Keith impressed us as a guest on our August 2018 episode, and we know he will complement Peggy elegantly with his extensive background in horticulture, sustainability, and environmental studies. 

I am so grateful to Shawn Freude, our executive producer, for her masterful leadership, host Peggy Singlemann for her beloved spark and wealth of knowledge, associate producer and director Bryant Dameron for his unique eye in filming, and our large crew of filmographers, media gurus, and technicians who are more numerous than I can do justice in naming, including Mark, Mike, Paul, Elliott, and Jo Ann. 

Thank you so much for your support and I can’t wait to watch the upcoming 20th anniversary season! I look forward to learning more gardening tips and tricks, witnessing the work of our local environmental heroes, and staying in touch with you all with updates of my eco adventures. 

With warmest regards,
Pat McCafferty
Co-host, Virginia Home Grown 2018-19

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