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Activities for Preschoolers To Cultivate Connection

child coloring with crayons

In the midst of uncertainty and change, VPM is here for the parents and caregivers of preschool-age children. Below you’ll find a list of unique activities intended to help engage and foster young, curious minds. They also provide an opportunity to strengthen adult/child connections, relieve stress, and remind children that they are loved and supported, now and always. 

Now let’s play!

PBS KIDS Kindness Bingo: A great way to encourage, acknowledge, and celebrate daily acts of kindness (examples: take turns, set the table, make a card for someone, etc.) 

PBS KIDS Design Squad’s Stuff Spinner: Spin the wheel for a kid-friendly design project based on interest areas and the “stuff” in your cupboards.

Observational Drawing: Promotes observational skills, creativity, and fine-motor development and can always be done outside!

Painting with Evergreens: Gather some evergreen needles, dip them in tempera paint, and create a truly original piece of art.

Science Activities: Explore science and nature through projects and experiments.

Free Play Ideas: Offers parents and caregivers creative ideas and strategies for encouraging independent play (examples: set up a cozy “reading zone,” make chores fun, challenge kids to design/create a new world, etc.)

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