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STEM Resources Middle and High School

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PBS educational and interactive Middle and High School STEM resources for parents, educators, and students to help learning at home be engaging, educational and fun.

General Science

NOVA supports STEM education and engagement nationwide through the creation of resources from NOVA's broadcast and digital productions. Parents and Educators

SciGirls showcases bright, curious real tween girls putting science and engineering to work in their everyday lives. (Ages 8-12) Parents and Educators

PBS It’s Okay to Be Smart
From physics and astronomy, to biology and neuroscience, nothing is off-limits in this quirky exploration of all science has to offer. Parents and Educators

PBS Crash Course
From biology to astronomy and everything in between, Crash Course offers it all in quick-paced, imaginative videos. Parents and Educators

Inventing Tomorrow Curriculum
STEM from a student perspective. Students seeking solutions to relevant problems through STEM. Includes links to ongoing research and global experts. Valuable science fair resource as exemplar to engage and motivate student research. Parents and Educators

Environmental Science
PBS Nature
NATURE brings the beauty and wonder of the natural world into your home, becoming in the process the benchmark for natural history programs. Parents and Educators

PBS Deep Look
See the unseen at the very edge of our visible world. Explore big scientific mysteries by going incredibly small. Parents and Educators

PBS Serving Up Science
The series all about food: where it comes from and how it impacts our health and our planet.

PBS Hot Mess is a show about how climate change impacts all of us, and about how we can create a better future for our planet and ourselves.

Math and Physics
Design Squad
Design Squad empowers middle school kids to solve real-world problems and understand the impact of engineering in a global context. Parents and Educators

PBS Physics Girl
Join host Dianna Cowern as she puts her MIT physics degree to the test. With experiments, demonstrations, and cool new discoveries, Physics Girl sheds new light on the fun, adventurous side of physical science. Parents and Educators

MIT’s Science Out Loud
An original web series hosted and co-written by MIT students on everything from the physics of skydiving to the biochemistry of farts. These videos take the traditional concepts taught in middle and high school science, engineering, and math classes and put them in a context completely outside the classroom. Parents and Educators

Space Exploration
PBS Space Time
Join astrophysicist Matt O’Dowd on a journey through the deepest, darkest, coolest corners of the universe. Math, physics, and astronomy can’t get much bigger than this! Parents and Educators

PBS Stellar
A miniseries that explores frontiers in space science and exploration. Parents and Educators

PBS Eons
Join hosts Hank Green, Kallie Moore, and Blake de Pastino as they take you on a journey through the history of life on Earth. From the dawn of life in the Archaean Eon through the Mesozoic Era — the so-called “Age of Dinosaurs” -- right up to the end of the most recent Ice Age. Parents and Educators

What Killed the Dinosaurs
This interactive activity from the Evolution Web site outlines the evidence gathered to explain what caused the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

Discussing Dinosaurs with a Paleontologist
Mark Norell, the Chairman of the Division of Paleontology at the American Museum of Natural History, discusses the field of paleontology in this clip from SciTech Now

Prehistoric Road Trip

Join Emily Graslie for a summer road trip through America's dinosaur country on a search for mysterious creatures and bizarre ecosystems that have shaped Earth.


NPR Student Podcast Challenge- students create podcasts and compete for a chance to win the Challenge and air their content on NPR.



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