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The Creative Corner

The Creative Corner

Home Learning

An Art for the Journey production, presented by VPM and brought to you by Earthsong.

The Creative Corner airs on VPM Plus.

Art for the Journey, a non-profit art organization in Richmond, Virginia delivers art experiences that promote well-being in children and adults who are isolated or underserved. The organization's mission is to overcome barriers and transform lives through art. By promoting well-being, joy, and community through hands-on, inter-generational programming, Art for the Journey stewards both the educational and healing benefits of creating art.

The Creative Corner is a weekly TV show for elementary through high school students and adults. Each episode explores new topics through the lens of the visual and performing arts, with step-by-step instructions for at-home activities designed to enhance learning in core subjects and align with Virginia's Standards of Learning. Special interviews with guests from around the globe celebrate diversity and showcase art in its many forms — including dance, theater, music and the visual arts — offering viewers a window to the world. Developed for 4th grade through adults.

Visit Art for the Journey and Earthsong for more information.



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