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Super Science Show with Joe: "Plants!"

Joe Beasley

Home Learning  |  Super Science with Joe

Episode 1 – Join Joe as he takes us on a fun investigation into the life of plants. Learn about the types of plants, and how plants survive in their environment. Explore vascular and non-vascular plants through an experiment using the scientific method - and celery! Learn about photosynthesis and dormancy and dive into the parts of plants and pollination. Plants are so important to our lives. Let's get to know them better! Developed for grades 4-6.

Produced and directed by Joe Beasley in partnership with VPM.

Virginia Standards of Learning:

2018 Standards, Living Systems and Processes, Plants

  • 4.2 The student will investigate and understand that plants and animals have structures that distinguish them from one another and play vital roles in their ability to survive. Key ideas include a) the survival of plants and animals depends on photosynthesis; 
  • b) plants and animals have different structures and processes for obtaining energy; and 
  • c) plants and animals have different structures and processes for creating offspring
  • 5.5 Group organisms into categories using their characteristics: plants (vascular and nonvascular)
  • LS 4 Classification of organisms
  • LS 5  Photosynthesis 
  • LS 6  Relationships in ecosystems


Try the Rainbow Celery Experiment at home from PBS Learning Media.

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