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Super Science Show with Joe: "Weather"

Joe with umbrella

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Episode 3: Join Joe as he explores weather! Look to the sky and get a better glimpse of clouds. Tour the major storms such as tornadoes, hurricanes and thunderstorms. Dive into the water cycle and see how NASA studies the water cycle to help predict future weather patterns. Investigate wet weather by exploring the types of precipitation and the tools we use to measure it. Developed for students in grades 4-6.   

Produced and directed by Joe Beasley in partnership with VPM.

Make a Cloud Form in a Jar Experiment

Virginia Standards of Learning (2018):

3.7  The student will investigate and understand that there is a water cycle and water is important to life on Earth. Key ideas include:
a) there are many reservoirs of water on Earth;
b) the energy from the sun drives the water cycle; and
c) the water cycle involves specific processes.

4.4 The student will investigate and understand that weather conditions and phenomena affect ecosystems and can be predicted.  Key ideas include:
a) weather measurements create a record that can be used to make weather predictions;
b) common and extreme weather events affect ecosystems; and
c) long term seasonal weather trends determine the climate of a region.

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