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VPM Participates In Harrisonburg's Virtual International Festival

Harrisonburg International Festival, 2019
Photo by: Alyssa Johnson

VPM is once again participating in the 23rd Annual Harrisonburg International Festival which will be held online from September 12 - 20. The virtual community event will include recorded performances by international community members, a list of food vendors offering take-out, and free downloadable kids’ activities. 

Last year at the festival, VPM collected attendees' stories of “movement and change '' to share with the release of the podcast Resettled. The station partnered with Harrisonburg High School’s Peer Leader program to ask questions like: How do you adjust to a new culture? How do you preserve your cultural traditions? In what ways do you share those traditions with others? 

“These stories, which make up the fabric of our community, especially in such a diverse city as Harrisonburg, are central to the theme of Resettled,” said executive producer Angela Massino.

Photos by: Alyssa Johnson

Launched in July 2020 and hosted by Ahmed Badr, Resettled is a six-part series showcasing stories of refugees as they adjust to their new lives in Virginia. By traveling across Virginia, including the Harrisonburg International Festival, VPM explored the refugee resettlement process through the eyes of those directly experiencing it. 

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