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Part I: Systemic Racism | Challenging Perceptions

Richmond protest

How did we get here?

COVID-19 and recent, high-profile instances of police brutality against Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks and George Floyd have brought issues around systemic racism and racial disparities to the forefront. In this virtual panel discussion, join us as we explore the historic roots of these inequities and how they persist today.

Moderator  - Adrienne Cole Johnson, MSW, Social Entrepreneur, Educational Leader, Businesswoman and Community Advocate


  • Elvatrice Belsches, Public Historian, Author, Filmmaker
  • Dr. Mignonne Guy, Ph.D., Associate Professor, VCU Department of African American Studies
  • Trey Hartt, Project Director, Performing Statistics
  • Christopher Rashad Green, Community Advocate & Activist

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In this VPM virtual discussion series, community experts and participants will explore:

  • Richmond's history of systemic racism and its impact on our current culture
  • Systemic racism's influence over systems, processes and procedures
  • Disparities in health, housing, policing, wealth building and education in Black communities are rooted in systemic racism
  • New ways to absorb information about unjust systems and encourage authentic conversations with your families and peer groups.
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