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Part II: Equity In Education | Challenging Perceptions

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Why are schools still segregated?

Providing equitable and fair access to education is a way to close achievement gaps between students. However, due to the historic policies rooted in systemic racism, Black and African American families are faced with disparities in education for their children. In this discussion, we will explore how structural racism has influenced the K-12 education system.

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The conversations are led by community leader Adrienne Cole Johnson, MSW a social entrepreneur committed to seeking and facilitating creative approaches to change. With leadership experiences with the U.S. House of Representatives, Peter Paul Development Center and most recently the Henrico County Schools, Adrienne has always viewed authentic engagement as paramount to social change.


Dr. Benjamin Campbell, Religious Leader and Community Activist

Dr. Cassandra Boyd Willis, Veteran Educator, Experienced Researcher and Policy Analyst

Rodney Robinson, Virgie Binford Education Center Educator within Richmond Juvenile Detention Center, National Teacher of the Year (2019)

In this VPM virtual discussion series, community experts and participants will explore:

  • Richmond's history of systemic racism and its impact on our current culture
  • Systemic racism's influence over systems, processes and procedures
  • Disparities in health, education, housing, policing and wealth building in Black communities are rooted in systemic racism
  • New ways to absorb information about unjust systems and encourage authentic conversations with your families and peer groups.

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