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Virginia Currents Premieres 30th and Final Season

Amy Lacey stands in VPM studios with a mask on, facing the camera. The camera image projects to a monitor.

How are you? Really, how are you? I think everyone can agree that 2020 has been a year like no other,
and this many months into the coronavirus pandemic we all need some inspiration. Virginia
Currents is back just in time to offer comfort when many of you need it most.

I’m Amy Lacey, the host of Virginia Currents, which returns with new episodes October 15. After
30 seasons of inspiring and entertaining viewers with stories of people and organizations that
make a difference, Virginia Currents will sign off at the end of this season. We invite you to join
us as we highlight individuals contributing to the fabric of your communities.

For season 30, you can count on our team of producers to offer you a respite for 30 minutes
each Thursday evening. We put a pause on the show’s production for three months as we navigated through the earliest days of COVID-19, which allowed the Virginia Currents team to
regroup and find the absolute best stories to connect you to what matters during these uncertain
times—and beyond.

You will see more diversity than you ever have on Virginia Currents this season, and the whole
team is excited about sharing different perspectives and experiences than you may have
considered. For instance, while tackling tough topics like trauma in a ChildSavers segment, we
also offer hope and resources for families struggling with turbulence today.

You can also learn about the serious effects of coastline erosion while sharing the pilot seat—and stunning views!—with aerial photographer Gordon Campbell.

We also recognize that life has changed significantly since Virginia Currents first hit the airwaves. In
recognition of the 30-year anniversary, my weekly Currents Capsule segment looks back at the
evolution of various social issues and pop culture. Experts provide a walk down memory lane on
everything from food and fashion to how Virginia’s new CROWN Act protects the rights of
people of color to wear their hair naturally without discrimination. This digital-first conversation
on dating trends from 1990-2020 will give you a sneak peek at these audio and video time
capsules that we’ve been working on for TV.

Join us for this final season and help us celebrate the 30-year legacy that Virginia Currents will
leave across the Commonwealth. We are grateful for the work of all of the hosts, producers and
contributors over the years, and appreciative of the loyal supporters who helped make Virginia
Currents the longest running, locally produced television show in Virginia.

Season 30 of Virginia Currents premieres Thursday, October 15, 2020 at 8:00 p.m. on
VPM in Richmond, Harrisonburg and Charlottesville as well as:

WHUT Howard PBS - Washington DC Fridays at 7:30pm
WBRA - Roanoke Sundays at 12pm
WHRO World - Norfolk Thursdays at 5pm
NNTV - Newport News - various times

*NOTE - air times of Virginia Currents on PBS stations other than VPM are subject to
change. Please verify the air time by checking their listings online.

After the final show, encore episodes will continue to air on VPM and remain available for
streaming at As VPM considers how to best serve our diverse, regional audience with
local programs, we are proud to know that the legacy of Virginia Currents will live on and inform
new content.