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Virginia Currents

  • Healthcare heroes share the pain of watching patients lose their lives to Covid-19 while unable to have loved ones nearby. Hear why these nurses are committed to their calling.
  • Meet Keri Abrams, a transgender woman who shares the obstacles and rewards of finding her true self.
  • See how the Sarah Dooley Center for Autism at St. Joseph’s Villa helps young people with autism become more independent.Learn how JP's Law protects drivers with invisible disabilities during police stops when their reactions may be misinterpreted.
  • GPS pioneer, Dr. Gladys West, and her fellow math-wiz husband Ira West, share what it was like to have high-level careers during a time when integration was just beginning while continuing to break ground for people of color today. Adele McClure explains how she beat homelessness to lead the VA Legislative Black Caucus. Learn how Virginia’s Crown Act protects people with natural hair styles and texture from discrimination.
  • We take a look at Gray Area Drinking and how having a glass of wine every night to escape stress could lead to bigger problems. Then we visit with Miss America, Camille Schrier. She is a VCU doctoral student who breaks stereotypes and shares some challenges in her journey. We take a look at Fashion over the decades and the impacts of headlines on hemlines to designers.
  • See how one family’s pain with infant loss drove them to help other bereaved families through Kennedy’s Angel Gowns. Learn about the hardships and successes of the Asian Pacific Islander Community. A food expert shares the trends and tragedies that shaped what’s on our plates over the last 30 years.