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Meet the Crew of Brewer's Sessions

Ajay Brewer on set of Brewer's Sessions - Season 1
Ajay Brewer on set as Executive Producer for Season 1 of Brewer's Sessions at Brewer's Cafe. | Photo Credit: SnyderVision2020/Jessica Snyder

Brewer’s Sessions is a concert series with local musicians from a variety of genres performing behind the counter of the beloved Richmond coffee shop Brewer's Cafe. Developed by Ajay Brewer in partnership with VPM, the digital series features locally groundbreaking artists such as  Nickelus F, Michael Millions, Honest Debts, and Zhé Aqueen

Meet the team who makes it happen and subscribe to Brewer's Sessions on YouTube for new videos released throughout the year.


Ajay Brewer , Executive Producer
A Richmond native who spent his twenties buying and selling stocks;  but through his passion for work, a desire for a legacy, and the birth of his son, Ajay unleashed a new kind of grind. And that's when Brewer's was born. Brewer's Cafe opened on Bainbridge Street in the Manchester neighborhood in October 2015. There, AJ, and friend Adam, who developed a love for coffee while in Australia, opened to serve up coffee and eats that are sophisticated, but never snobbish. From the beginning their goal has been to make the cafe a snapshot of what makes Richmond special: talent, diversity, and a welcoming, down-to-earth vibe.

Antonio Knoxx , Director of Photography
Knoxx is a millennial entrepreneur and creative director, immersed in many mediums of contemporary art. His work includes magazine editorials, filmmaking, and visuals for the global award-winning advertising and design company 72 & Sunny. He was also recognized on iPower 30 Under 30 for the city of Richmond. He uses various creative platforms to express and push his ideas by way of design and collaboration.

Cavin Vanderpoel , Audio Engineer
Cavin began playing guitar at the age of ten. Before attending Berklee College of Music in 2010, he had already taught himself quite a bit about the recording process, including editing, mixing, and mastering techniques. In 2015, he started a YouTube channel where he created videos centered around men’s hair and style. Eventually, Cavin began working freelance within the men’s hair product industry with both local and international brands such as Boogie’s by Dollar Shave Club, Mister Pompadour, and Verb. 

Jessica Snyder , Graphic Designer and Photographer
Jess Snyder is a content creator, photographer, and podcast host hailing from Richmond, Virginia. In 2016, she launched JessWuzHere, a photo campaign designed to showcase the parts of Richmond you already love, plus the things you never knew you needed. Focusing primarily on music and culture, it's a central hub for events, music, culture and the arts. Although all are welcome, the campaign is aimed at urban professionals looking for dope events in RVA. In 2018, Jess became an active member of VPM's Project Amplify Committee - a group of creative, innovative, and social media savvy individuals that help us further VPM's reach "beyond the broadcast." Currently, Jess designs graphics (including the Brewer's Sessions logo) and provides photography. 

VybeHouseHouse Band (Season 3)
Founded by Hassan Washington and Brandon Perry of Richmond, VA in 2018, the youthful and versatile, yet soulful five-piece band known as the VybeHouse is Brewer Session’s house band. The group features Brandon Perry (Drums), Dexter Moses (Alto Sax), Hassan Washington (Lead Vocals/Trumpet), Robert Allen IV (Bass/Vocals), and Tyrone Covington Jr. (Keys/Vocals) as the “ House.” The incorporation of musical friends and enthusiasm of the audience create the " Vybe." Since their inception, VybeHouse had the opportunity to play and record with international, national, and local artists including Bee Boisseau , Butcher Brown , Dana Hawkins , KP , The Roots, and TSoul. VybeHouse released their first EP, “ Ov3rthought”, in 2019 (released as Vyb3House3) and as of November 2020, an EP entitled " Shades of a Heart".

Additional support from VPM provided by:
Victoria York, Digital Producer | Angela Massino, Digital Content Director |
Steve Humble, Chief Content Officer

Subscribe to Brewer's Sessions on YouTube for new episodes.


Victoria York is a Digital Producer for VPM. 
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