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Zhé Aqueen Brings Love and Light to Brewer's Sessions

Zhé Aqueen and Justin Brown
Zhé Aqueen (Vocals) and Justin Brown (Keys) at Brewer's Cafe in Richmond, VA

Naturally chosen to share the gift of song but also studying and creating music for nearly two decades, she is making a name for herself by breaking all barriers of musicality. Her Ella Fitzgerald to Teena Marie vocal range, Persian silk rhythms, strong and sultry harmonics, thought provoking lyrics and stage presence has placed her in the hearts and music collections of enthusiasts of all backgrounds being a catalyst for unearthed creativity. 


In a realm of eclectic emotions and soul shifting melodies, Zhé Aqueen shares pieces “Waiting on You”, “Crazy Love”, and “Deadly Sin” from her debut solo work, ‘The Hypnomonic Album’ with long time 4-H buddy and future Musical Director, Justin Brown on Keys. ‘The Hypnomonic Album’ is a soulful and vulnerable work of art based around dream theory and a personal spiritual awakening journey in the form of lyric and melody. A sweet treat in this episode, you will find the records to be produced by fellow RVA creatives, NameBrand (“Waiting on You” & “Crazy Love”) and Rio (“Deadly Sin”). 

Victoria York is a Digital Producer for VPM. 
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