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Fitness DAWGS: “Bok Choy and a Birthday”

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Home Learning | Fitness DAWGS

Episode 3 - Fee Fee and Dr. Addie make a visit to the Dr. Yum Kitchen Project to learn how to prepare Bok Choy (a leafy green vegetable). They look at Journi’s birthday party where you can see how easy it is to get 60 minutes of physical activity every day.

Note: Journi’s birthday party was filmed before COVID restraints.

This episode emphasizes Virginia Health and Physical Development Foundation Blocks:

Foundation Block 1 - Skilled Movement

  • The child will demonstrate motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities.
  • Locomotor Skills (move body from one place to another) -running, jumping, hopping, sliding
  • Non-locomotor Skills (move around axis of body) - bounces
  • Manipulative Skills (move in conjunction with object) - tossing, catching, throwing, aiming, striking, jumping, bouncing, and dribbling develop visual tracking of moving objects, eye-hand coordination

Foundation Block 6 - Health Knowledge and Skills

  • The child will identify healthy and unhealthy foods, and simple practices and habits that promote health and prevent illness.
  • Nutrition - variety of vegetables
  • Habits that Promote Health and Prevent Illness – correctly wash hands
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