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Fitness DAWGS

  • The holidays are here and that means time for something new! Whether you are out and about or staying close to home, you’ll have two new Fitness DAWGS episodes to enjoy during your break time. Learn how to make healthy and fun snacks with First Lady Pamela Northam and active ways to keep our bodies moving during the holidays with Miss Sherri The Clown.
  • Fee Fee and Dr. Addie make a visit to the Dr. Yum Kitchen Project to learn how to prepare Bok Choy (a leafy green vegetable). They look at Journi’s birthday party where you can see how easy it is to get 60 minutes of physical activity every day.
  • Boxer and Dr. Addie visit to The Market @ 25th to learn about produce and how food gets from the farm to the store. They also stop by a Martial Arts Studio to practice Tae Kwon Do with a few friends.
  • Fido and Dr. Addie make the most of a rainy day inside by preparing a Lady Bug snack and turning their home into a gym.