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Brood X Billions: Cicadas 17 Years in the Making

cicada illustration
Illustration by Heather Nicole King

Story Map Written & Illustrated by Heather Nicole King

These cicadas have waited 17 years to meet you. Keep a look out this May for periodical cicadas by the billions as they emerge from under our feet. We have an opportunity to witness an amazing ecological phenomenon as Brood X cicadas make their way from the dirt to fly and sing in the trees.

Discover more about these unique insects, how they interact with our environment, and ways you can take part in their emergence by exploring this Brood X Billions Story Map.

An ArcGIS Story Map is an engaging interactive tool that integrates maps, narrative text, photos, and video so users can explore content in creative ways. Esri’s Story Maps are a great science communication tool.

In this Brood X Billions Story Map you can:

  • Explore where they will emerge in Northeastern America
  • Discover why they are called Brood X
  • Learn about cicada anatomy and their life cycle
  • Hear the cicada chorus
  • Become a citizen scientist and help document the Brood X emergence

Have fun exploring this amazing ecological phenomenon and share your observations.

Heather Nicole King  explores sustainable initiatives within Virginia Commonwealth University and the Richmond community. Through science communication and the power of curiosity, she hopes to engage the public on ways to learn and connect with the environment.

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