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Recycling Sharks Share a New Outlook

Recycling Sharks comic art
Artwork by Sade Storthz

Recycling Sharks

Authors: Comic created by Sade Storthz and article written by Heather Nicole King

Episode 8: The “Recycling Sharks” found new ways to work together towards sustainable solutions. We’ve learned through their journey the importance of marine ecosystems and how we can help. These marine besties hope we have gained new insight and can continue our own research beyond this comic series on the amazing world of sharks and ocean conservation.

Take some time to reflect on the lessons we’ve learned over the week with Reggie, Rebecca and Reef: the 3Rs - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Community Involvement, Sustainable Seafood, and Reef-Safe Sunscreen. By adjusting our habits towards more sustainable choices and actions, we can impact marine life in more positive ways.

These marine besties learned from one another and gained new perspectives in overcoming challenges. While there is much we can do on our own, we can accomplish more together. It’s important to share what you’ve learned and encourage others to do their part for ocean conservation. Thank you for joining the “Recycling Sharks” on their adventures and keep them in mind during your next ocean visit.

Additional Educational Resources & Activities 

  • Continue learning about sharks and additional sea creatures through your own exploration, research and discovery.
  • PBS LearningMedia resources can take you on a deeper dive into marine life with Jonathan Bird’s Blue World: Educational Underwater Adventure.
  • Sharks4Kids offer a range of educational materials from virtual classes, activities, and videos where you can connect online with other shark advocates.
  • Discover sharks that are commonly found within the Virginia area and eastern coast through the research at Virginia Institute of Marine Science.
  • Interact with this Code activity to understand how A.I. could help with issues such as ocean pollution through the process of machine learning.