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Recycling Sharks Suggest Sustainable Seafood

Recycling Sharks comic art
Artwork by Sade Storthz

Recycling Sharks

Authors: Comic created by Sade Storthz and article written by Heather Nicole King

Episode 6: The “Recycling Sharks” experience impacts of overfishing within their own waters. Overfishing causes significant decline in marine populations and is especially dangerous to sharks. As seafood consumers, we can choose more sustainably sourced options and support businesses that promote the well being of sea creatures and their environment.

Reggie, Rebecca and Reef set out to enjoy their own locally sourced seafood but are interrupted by overfishing. Even if sharks are not the intended target of fisheries, they are still impacted. Many sharks are harmed during bycatch. This is when sharks or other marine life are unintentionally caught in nets meant for targeted fish.

We can follow the “Recycling Sharks” suggestion on being more mindful about the seafood we eat. Look for sustainably sourced labeling, inquire at your local seafood counters and restaurants, and use resources such as the Seafood Watch species search. By supporting businesses and fisheries in the seafood industry that are doing their part to supply sustainable options, we ensure more intentional ways to protect sea creatures in the process.

Additional Educational Resource
Watch this video provided by PBS LearningMedia on Sustainable Seafood choices and tips such as “pause before you purchase” and ask questions on the source and quality of the seafood you eat.