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Recycling Sharks Get Community Involved 

Recycling Sharks comic art
Artwork by Sade Storthz

Recycling Sharks

Authors: Comic created by Sade Storthz and article written by Heather Nicole King

Episode 5: The “Recycling Sharks” show how we can make a difference together. Pollution may seem like a tough problem to conquer on our own. Yet with the help from friends, families and neighbors, we can combine our efforts as a community. Rebecca, Reggie and Reef set a great example in their aquatic environment that motivates others to join in.

When we see a problem in our own neighborhoods, parks and waterways, let’s learn from these marine besties and take action.  Start by taking note of waste issues near you and how they may affect nearby waterways. Then speak up and make suggestions to other community members. By creating a conversation and forming a goal together, there is more we can accomplish with sharing ideas and collective efforts. Begin by volunteering for cleanup events or organizing local opportunities in your own community like the “Recycling Sharks”.

Through community involvement, additional solutions become available on a larger scale. When individuals, families and businesses come together towards a common goal we all benefit, even our sea creature friends. Whether a beach cleanup, speaking with local governments, or simply sharing ideas with others - the difference can start with you.

Discover more volunteer opportunities in Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and Keep Virginia Beautiful.   In Central Virginia, learn how organizations such as the James River Association, the Friends of the James River and Rivanna River Conservation Alliance depend on volunteers to help make a difference.

Additional Educational Resource & Activity
Watch this PBS LearningMedia video on Team Marine’s community outreach efforts. Explore the ways Team Marine organized, encouraged others, and influenced a plastic ban within their own hometown.


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