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Recycling Sharks Reuse

Recycling Sharks comic art
Artwork by Sade Storthz

Recycling Sharks

Authors: Comic created by Sade Storthz and article written by Heather Nicole King

Episode 4: The “Recycling Sharks” uncover yet another of the 3Rs - Reuse. Reggie, Reef and Rebecca share a reusable bag to cut down on plastic waste. Reusable items come in many forms including bottles, straws, bags and more. Discover items you can bring on-the-go to limit your waste and set an eco-friendly example for others.

Finding a reusable solution is another great way to reduce waste and avoid marine pollution such as plastics. Plastics will continuously break down into smaller and smaller debris known as microplastics. Sharks and other sea creatures mistake these small pieces for food and when they ingest plastic, it is not only harmful to them but can also pass through food chains.

Consider ways to reduce your waste by avoiding plastics and choosing more sustainable options like the “Recycling Sharks.” Keep hydrated with a reusable water bottle, sip through a metal straw, carry a few tote bags the next time you go shopping, or even repurpose waste into something new.

Additional Educational Resource & Activity
Interact with this PBS Kids: Design Squad activity to explore creative ways to repurpose household waste into helpful inventions